Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at North Lamar ISD competed in the Stone Middle School Science Fair on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 to determine who would advance to region.  Of those who competed, the top four participants from each grade level were chosen to go on to compete at the Regional Science Fair on February 2 hosted by the Region 8 Educational Service Center in Pittsburg, Texas.

Photo:  Twelve students from Stone Middle School will compete at the Regional Science Fair on February 2.  Those who will represent North Lamar ISD, beginning front row left, are Aaron McCleskey, Kyler Grogan, Kylie Burchinal, Layla Shafiq, Emeri Watson, and Clayton Beard.  In back are Jillian Jones, Curt Malone, Will Culbertson, Teddy Fischer, Emma Fowler, and Hannah Jackson. 

Students chose one of three categories: Chemical/Physical, Behavioral/Biological, and Inventions.  Chemical dealt with the physical and chemical changes in matter while physical projects had to do with simple machines, work, power, motion, heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism.  Behavioral projects dealt with human and/or animal responses to the environment while Biological projects had to deal with the study of plants, molds, fungus, bacteria, and protest.  Inventions were to be unique with students solving a real problem or satisfying a need.

Scoring on Chemical/Physical and Behavioral/Biological projects were based on 25% Creative Ability, 25% Scientific Method, 25% Graphs/Tables/Charts, and 25% Skill/Overall Presentation.  Inventions were scored on 25% Originality/Usefulness, 25% Written Description, 25% Research and Development, and 25% Skill/Overall Presentation.

Winners who advanced to region are:

6th grade: 1st place – Aaron McCleskey (Solar oven experiment), 2nd place – Kylie Burchinal(Flammability of children’s clothes), 3rd place – Hannah Jackson (Eww Gross 2), and 4th place –Layla Shafiq (Rainbow of fire).

7th grade: 1st place – Emeri Watson (Is your phone ever harming you?), 2nd place – Kyler Grogan (Heat’s impact on magnetic fields), 3rd place – Clayton Beard (How much gas?), and 4th place – Jillian Jones (Is seeing believing?).

8th grade: 1st place – Emma Fowler (Drink at your own risk), 2nd place – Teddy Fischer(Breaking Bad), 3rd place – Curt Malone (Whitening toothpaste), and 4th place – Will Culbertson