Lamar County Law Enforcement are rallying together to send a clear message to citizens as school is soon to start again. There will be zero tolerance for those that pass a stopped school bus with red flashing lights. Citizens that are found to be doing so, can expect to receive a citation.

“The truth is that most people want to obey the law and keep people safe. The problem is that people get distracted and lose awareness of what’s happening around them. We want to remind people that school is starting back up, and we all need to be more aware for the safety of our kids.” Sherrif Scott Cass.

Sherrif Cass wants to remind those traveling on bus routes that the only time you are allowed to pass a stopped school bus, whose red lights are flashing, is on a divided highway. This means there has to be grass, a median, barrier, or something dividing opposite traffic. If the school bus is on the other side of the highway, and you are traveling the opposite direction, then you are allowed to pass.

Highway 82 East is a critical area for Reno Police Department, said Chief of Police Matt Birch.

“We don’t have a lot of other problem areas in Reno regarding this topic, but people traveling on Hwy 82 seem to fly by without realizing they are passing a bus. This is an area you can expect to see us heavily patrolling,” said Birch.

Constable Mike Ford PCT 2 patrols areas of Lamar County where students from Roxton and Chisum live. He stressed the importance of people paying attention in rural areas and going the speed limit.

“We really want these kids to get home safe, and we will be doing everything we can to prevent an accident.” said Ford.

Each officer that we spoke to said the same phrase, “We want these kids to get home safe.”
School bus drivers are aware that warning lights have to be activated at the correct time as to not create a hazardous situation for children and motorist. Join your local law enforcement and school districts to make this the safest year ever for our local kids!


“The main goal is to stay safe. I want our parents, educators, citizens, and children to be safe. I’m thankful for all that our educators do in this community to teach our kids, and we want to assist them in any way possible to make sure those kids get to school and home safe.” said Cass.