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Coach killed, 18 students injured in bus crash near Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant High

Last night as the Mount Pleasant High School track team headed home, their school bus was involved in a crash killing a track coach and leaving 18 students hurt.

The crash happened around 10:45 p.m. near the town of Talco, located about 25 miles north of Mount Pleasant.  The bus collided with an 18-wheeler truck and a car.

The accident also killed the driver of the 18-wheeler and left another coach with critical injuries.

School district officials have reported the big rig veered into oncoming traffic, heading straight towards the bus. The coach driving the bus steered toward a ditch to avoid a head-on collision, but the truck slammed into the side of the bus, causing it to roll over.

A car behind the bus hit the semi-truck head on, killing a female assistant track coach for the MP girls track team.

A member from the boys track team was airlifted to the hospital.  His condition is unknown at this time.

19 students on the bus were taken to three different hospitals.  The extent of their injuries is also not known.  There were more than 30 students on the bus when the crash happened.

The MPH girls track team were riding in a second bus behind the first bus and it was not involved in the crash.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is investigating the crash

An update on this story can be found at this link.

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