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We are a group of individuals with a mission: to deliver community news free of charge to our readers, making it accessible and useful to all, twenty-four hours a day.

The backbone of our company is composed of our core values: Faith, integrity, responsibility, commitment, and freedom.

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Toni McDowra


Toni McDowra graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a Bachelor in Business & Marketing. She started her career right here in Paris, TX selling media advertising for KBUS radio. ...Read more

Trent Reed

Staff Writer

“To me, journalism is a crucial component to the community. Its top priority is to ensure governments follow the law," he said. "Journalists are there to help nonprofits raise essential funds, and help others tell their stories. Everyone has a story, we’re here for them.”

Amanda Cutshall

Staff Writer

Amanda Cutshall is the managing editor of eExtra News. Along the way, she has chased tornadoes and fires, covered crime and corruption, and shared a great deal of community events and special interest pieces. ..Read More