Tonight the Panthers will go up against Pottsboro ISD to claim the win for their homecoming game!

Arguably one of the biggest games of the year will have students flocking the stands in support of their home team. Students faces are painted, mums are everywhere, the band is prepared, and everyone is excited to cheer for the Panthers tonight.

If you’re a snapchat fan then we’ve got just the thing for you to show an extra level of support. eParisExtra will have a snapchat filter ready to go at the Homecoming game tonight so be sure to login in, swipe to the filter, and show your love to the Panthers.

Not into snapchat?  That’s cool, we’ve got a facebook frame too!

If you snap an epic picture then we want to know about it! You can Facebook message us, instagram us, snapchat us, or even email your best photos from the night to be featured on eParis over the weekend.

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