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Putting drills for putting skills || Golf Tips with Cathy Harbin


The old cliche is right, drive for show and putt for dough.

Putting can turn a good round bad, and a bad round good. Very often, putting performance is the difference between winning and losing a match between friends. Needless to say, putting is important. Putting technique and practice is essential, of course. But how you practice putting can also make a big difference to your on-course play.

The key to improving your putting performance through practice is by one-putting. In this case, one-putting is not what you think. One-putting means just using one ball when you practice so that it simulates what you will be doing on the golf course.

Practice putting tips

1. Using one ball, practice two-putting from 15 ft. This should include assessing the speed, slope, and going through exactly the same routine that you do on the course (if you don’t have a routine, put some thought into developing one that is comfortable for you). After two-putting from 15 ft. do the same from 20 ft., 25 ft. and 30 ft. If possible, change the direction or target hole each time.

2. Place the ball 6 ft. from the hole, and as above, go through your routine before attempting to hole it out. When you make it from 6 ft. repeat from 8 ft., 10 ft, 12 ft. – each time changing the line of the putt. Your goal is to make all putts in a row. If you miss one, start again at 6 ft.

The more you can make your putting practice like your on-course routine, the more you will benefit from the time you spend on the practice putting green.

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