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Reasons why you should play golf || Golf Tips with Cathy Harbin


It is estimated that golf was first played in the United States in the mid-1700s. That is over 300 years ago. There are many reasons why the game is still popular. Golf is unique. It can be played regardless of the players’ age. Whether you are 5 or 105 years old, you can enjoy the game and even play it together.

Golf also has many quality-of-life and health benefits that are being celebrated in this year’s first ever Golf and Health week, which took place in April. The campaign promoted golf’s underrecognized health benefits. For starters:

  • A Swedish study found that golfers live up to an additional 5 years longer than non-golfers.    
  • Playing golf reduces the negative effects of loneliness.
  • Playing golf requires being active and it provides low-intensity exercise that is good for your heart.
  • Swinging a golf club increases strength and balance.  
  • Playing golf gets you outside and enjoying the fresh air.
  • Golfers meet other golfers. This increases social networks and support system. Both key factors for mental wellbeing.

One of our goals at Pine Ridge Golf Course is to spread golf’s benefits – everyone is welcome to come and play or learn. For example, if you, your friends, or family want to learn to play, check out our Get Golf Ready program. The program will take you through the basics and guide you as you take your skills onto the course.

Please come and visit us at Pine Ridge Golf Course and we’ll get you on a pathway to golf’s benefits.

Good golfing!

Cathy Harbin, PGA, LPGA

Get Golf Ready program: https://changegolfinstruction.com/texas/group-classes/

Private lesson information: https://changegolfinstruction.com/texas/private/

General information about lessons and classes at Pine Ridge Golf Course can be found here: https://changegolfinstruction.com/texas/

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