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Golf Tips with Cathy Harbin || Golf Made Simpler



Note, this is for my more serious golfing friends. For most golfers, I encourage you play for FUN and don’t worry about the rules or keeping score. If you have watched televised coverage of the PGA Tour this year, you will have noticed golf has made some changes to its rules. And the good news is, the new rules are logical and make playing golf simpler and faster. My five favorite changes:

  • You can now putt on the green with the flagstick in the hole. It does not matter how near or far you are from the hole, you can just leave the flagstick in.
  • The group ahead will not be taking 5 minutes to find a ball. The new time limit is 3 minutes.
  • When you drop your ball, you can now drop it from knee height instead of shoulder height (increasing your chances of dropping onto a nice lie).
  • If you hit your ball twice, only one of the shots counts. This happens more frequently than you think with chips and pitches.
  • Should you lose a ball or hit it out of bounds, there is no need to go back and replay the shot. Instead, you can just drop a ball where you thought it was with a 2-shot penalty. This local rule can be played for non-competitive rounds only.


For a guide of the main rule changes, check out this video from the USGA, usga.org/content/usga/home-page/videos/2018/09/11/2019-rules-modernization-golf-intro.html

Remember, some golfers prefer to play without following the rules or make up their own rules. We encourage that too. Regardless of what rules you enjoy playing by, I look forward to seeing you play at Pine Ridge Golf Course soon.

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