Lamar County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Joey McCarthy saw a trailer mounted smoker in the county impound lot and saw potential.

McCarthy wanted a smoker to help build positive interaction with the community so he contacted Ag Science Instructor Steve Tucker at Paris High School and requested assistance with the community building project.

Tucker’s Ag Mechanics class took on the rehabilitation starting with cleaning out the smoker that had been used to burn paper.  Once the smoker was cleaned, the class removed rust, repaired the cooking racks and firebox, and repaired loose welds.  After painting the unit, the students installed new wheels and tires on the trailer.

This collaborative effort will benefit the community.  The Paris High School students had the opportunity to apply their skills to a worthy project and the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office received a tool they can use to expand their outreach in the county.

Photographed with the refurbished smoker are PHS students (from left) Walker Preston, Skyler Toland, Ryan House, project leader Ashton Milton, Garrett Rowton and Christian Barrios.