Submitted by NLISD

Monday night’s School Board meeting opened with North Lamar Superintendent Jason Adams recognizing the seven members who contribute and advocate for North Lamar students and staff.

North Lamar students representing every sport, organization and group made a steady stream into the meeting shaking hands and thanking board members for their service.  Molly Martin, Bailey Intermediate fifth grader and daughter of board member Jeff Martin, read a poem written by teacher Kim Lacey on the enormous role a school board has to its district.  The Everett Elementary Leadership Team presented a banner to the board thanking them of their dedication and service.

Board members serving North Lamar are president Stephen ‘Red’ Holmes, elected May 2014, vice-president Jeff Martin, elected May 2015, secretary Kristi Trammell, appointed September 2014 to fill the position left by Dave Osborne and then elected in May 2015, and members Kyle Coston, elected May 2013, Sheila Daughtrey, elected May 2017,Rickey Richardson, appointed June 2017 to replace the vacancy left by Paul Drake’s resignation then elected to serve a one-year term in May 2018, and Tim Stone, elected May 2013.

“Public education provides our students with successful opportunities and preparation to become productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We thank the North Lamar Board for caring and providing for the students and staff of NLISD,” said Adams.