During a public forum on school safety Monday evening, everyone who spoke was in favor of teachers throughout the district carrying weapons.

“In looking back at all these shootings, several of them were stopped by resource officers because they were in the right place at the right time,” said Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley. “Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. And, the unfortunate reality of that is, the only way to stop an active shooter intent on destroying life is to stop them. And, to do that safely, usually involves the use of a firearm.”

Hundley said the likelihood of stopping someone is greatly increased if teachers are armed, but only if they are “well trained, well vetted and responsible.”

Five others spoke on the subject, including North Lamar Police Chief Mike Boaz – all of them echoed Hundley’s statements.

“I came from a district that allowed staff to arm themselves,” said NLISD Superintendent Jason Adams. “I can tell you this: it was a very expensive process… you had to go through weapons training, active shooter training, psychological evaluations, etcetera. This will be about putting trained, qualified people in these areas who we feel confident are able to address the situation if it arises.”

The next step, Adams said, is to get a policy together involving the Paris Police Department and Lamar County Sheriff’s Office and put it up for a vote.

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