The North Lamar ISD Police Department will be able to add an extra level of safety as they continue to serve and protect the citizens, staff members and most of all, the students in the district.

Serving and protecting the students and staff at North Lamar ISD, from left, are Officer Daron Dagenhart, Chief of Police Mike Boaz, Officer Joe Tuttle, and Captain Jeff Akard.

The department received a grant from Friends of the National Rifle Association enabling them to add four body-worn cameras to their safety gear.

Captain Jeff Akard brought up the grant back in September of 2017, shortly after the department was formed,” said NL Chief of Police Mike Boaz.  “This is a great way to equip our officers and further ensure the safety for our officers while they are protecting students and staff of North Lamar ISD.”

Boaz along with Akard, Officer Daron Dagenhart and Officer Joe Tuttle would like to thank the local and national Friends of the NRA committee for the grant. This committee of local citizens and its fundraising activities provide grants to eligible law enforcement agencies.