Holy Backpacks, Batman!

It’s that time. Say it with me……. “ahhhh, FINALLY!”

I love to see school let out, the sun sets a little later, kids are smiling and the weather is well… sticky. But let’s be honest, getting back to our normal routine is always nice.

Elementary school is hard. Let’s face it. In the beginning, it’s all designer pencils, recess and spelling bees, but it ends with serious test scores, learning an instrument or making the team. Fashion trends and insecurities our youngsters deal with are unfortunately a huge part of school too.

There are a few things that come to mind when prepping for a new school year.

  • Early bedtime
  • Organization for earlier mornings
  • Healthy, super quick breakfast that doesn’t consist of powdered donuts and a Gatorade
  • Make time for homework
  • Dinner, oh NO! DINNER!!!
  1. A new schedule is hard at first but they say it takes 21 days to form a habit. (No, I don’t know who “they” are.) I DO know that it isn’t easy to get everyone on board those first couple weeks.

Back to School Buzz: Start a week early. Yep. Set your alarm one week early for the normal routine. EXCEPT … on the first day do not wake the lil rug rats. Wake up, grab a cup of Joe and chill. While you’re enjoying your last caffeinated, totally legal, sanity stabilizing drug, take notes. Think about it. How will tomorrow be? Where are their clothes? Socks? Left shoe? Why is there no toothpaste? Breakfast? Backpack? Who do I drop off first? What time does the bus run?

Now you’re ready for tomorrow. Well, after you answer those and all the others you wrote down. The next day and each day after that, wake those kiddos up and watch cartoons, enjoy breakfast together for the last week of summer. They will be more used to the idea by the time they actually have to get up and get to it. And you will be too! Work on your list this week and by the first day you’ll be rockin’ this new schedule like a boss. Once they begin waking up earlier, they’ll start winding down earlier too. LOOK!! You just checked off the first 2 on the list!

  1. Don’t wait til day 1 at 6:47 a.m. The bus gets there at 7:16 a.m. and you and I both know this is the perfect set up for either a total melt down or yeah…powdered donuts.

Here are a few quick recipes from burritos to smoothies for your grumpy lil tikes that you can throw together ahead of time.

  1. AAaaaahhhh yes. School’s out. Now what?

Back to School Buzz:
Stay at home parent: You get an opportunity to tackle homework before the work day is over. Let me say this, your job is NOT easy by any means. I’ve done it. I often day dreamt about wearing high heels and having complicated conversations with professionals…… or maybe just a glass of wine and a nap! Either way, homework is always best tackled early on. As soon as those sweaty lil whipper snappers get home, grab a snack, chit chat about their day and knock it out! Then you and everyone else have the rest of the day to do what you need/want to do.

Daycare: It’s 5 o’clock. You pick them up, go home…now what? They are exhausted and want to play with their friends. You are exhausted and want to unwind and check out Facebook or just do exactly nothing for a few minutes. Again, grab a snack and talk about your day. Get homework out of the way and then carry on. I know. The laundry is backed up and the yard needs mowing. When all parents work there are usually more chores for the kiddos. It makes sense. Everyone should work for the family they desire. It’s not easy and it’s not always Facebook perfect. Socialization and play time is equally important in my opinion. Playtime helps develop skills that can’t be taught in any other way. Also, parents need me time/play time as well.

Latchkey: I despise the label too. But if you’re in this situation (been there) you must make it work to your advantage. So, the kids get home and you’re still at work. No problem. Obviously, they’re old enough to get this far… have a “to do” list waiting on the fridge or island. Be specific. Let them know they have a certain amount of time to themselves, grab a snack and then what is expected when you get home from work.

No. No, you’re not a terrible parent for expecting your child to complete a few simple tasks as well as their personal responsibilities. Having trouble deciding on what they should accomplish? Check this out!


It’s 7:04 p.m. and you hear these words. How did I forget that these people want to eat dinner EVERY. SINGLE. DAY??

Back to School Buzz:

Ok. Calm down. Today is over. Just make a sandwich or grab a pizza to-go. BUT for tomorrow…. HERE I’m going to share this sweet lil gem with you. I’m no magician. I found these gals on Pinterest. If you’re new to Pinterest…. Well, you’re late. 2 words. CROCK. POT.

The truth is, everyone has to decide what works for them. Maybe doing something physical first (mowing) is the way to go. Maybe you unwind and then crack the books. You know your family and don’t let anyone tell you different. Also, if none of it happens like this for the first 180 days of school, no worries.

You’re still in the running for “World’s Okayest Mom”.