Susan G. Ballabina is a 1990 Prairiland Patriot alumni. She recently accepted a new position as a Texas A&M Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

“I am very excited to have this new position within the Texas A&M System. Growing up in Lamar County helped set the stage by providing a positive environment and amazing role models, ” said Susan G. Ballabina.

Ballabina was not in ag classes in high school, she was enrolled in family and consumer sciences classes and was interested in leadership.

“I was not actually enrolled in Ag Classes. I was in family & consumer sciences classes. Sandra Graves was my teacher, and that’s where I became interested in vocational education and leadership. I obtained a degree in family & consumer sciences and then went to work for AgriLife Extension. I spent 12 years as a county Extension agent in four different counties and then assumed leadership roles within the agency.  My most recent efforts have been leading programs that have the goal of connecting agriculture to consumers and educating the public on the connections between agriculture and health,” said Ballabina.

Patrick Stover, vice chancellor of agriculture and life sciences at Texas A&M in College Station, made the announcement earlier this month.

“We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Ballabina lead our executive leadership team for Texas A&M AgriLife,” Stover said. “Dr. Ballabina has a deep understanding of our statewide mission paired with an innovative vision to bring together agriculture, health and food systems.”


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