Caitlin Smith, an elementary student from Southeast Oklahoma, took the top prize in her division at the Metropolis, Illinois Pro-Am this month.

Caitlin traveled to Metropolis with her family to shoot and enjoy a little time away and ended up walking away with first place.

She has been shooting for several years under the instruction of her father, Michael Smith, and has been steadily climbing the ranks in her division all year. This is Caitlin’s second first-place win at a pro-am this season. Caitlin took first place honors in Ft. Benning, Alabama, and Metropolis, Illinois, and second place in Foley, Alabama, and Paris, Texas.

Caitlin shoots local archery tournaments to hone her skills and loves the thrill of the competition. She shows great poise in the face of competition, with a steady hand and straight shooting. Archery has afforded the Smith family time to spend enjoying an activity they can all do together.

Her father, Michael, said “I see great things in archery for her thanks to God for her ability. I am very proud of her accomplishments.”

This year she has been traveling the ASA archery Pro-Am circuit shooting with her father and brother Brock. For Caitlin, it’s all a lot of fun. This is one topic her father repeats over and over, “No matter what, just have fun.”

Caitlin has been shooting for the Broadhead Barn Archery Shop in Reno for the past two years.

Owner Charles Jones said “We are all very proud of Caitlin. She’s an amazing young lady and a joy to be around.”

Her father said Caitlin is naturally a shy person and struggled in talking with new people, but through archery, he has seen her build her confidence and begin to open up socially.  Caitlin’s plan is to keep practicing and learning to get better at her craft.

She said, “ I want to keep shooting and improving myself.” She plans to attend more Pro-Ams next year in hopes to add to her first-place finishes for this year.

Archery is so much more than just shooting a bow and arrow, it teaches lessons in life and can provide bonds and skills that last a lifetime. Many people are realizing this thanks to advancements in the sport and more and more are taking interest every day.

Michael Smith

My name is Michael.
I’m a Christian, husband, father, and hunter, in that order. I have spent the last 13 years learning all I can about all aspects of hunting and enjoy learning more every day. I have a wonderful wife and 3 amazing children! I have lived in Paris all my life and love my community!

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