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Wilson to retire after about 38 years in banking, plans to focus on Dylan’s Drivers


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After 29.5 years working under Peoples Bank’s roof, starting as the bank’s first, sole bookkeeper, Steve Wilson is set to punch the proverbial time clock one last time Friday.

Prior to joining Peoples Bank, Wilson worked at another bank for about eight years. With about 38 years of banking under his belt, he said one of the biggest changes in the industry is technology.


“When I first came into banking, people would talk about punch cards and run deposits through people’s accounts using those antiquated machines,” Wilson said. “I actually ran a proof machine, where you ran each document through and encode on the bottom the amount, the account number and so forth. Now, those items are read through a scanner and transmitted electronically.”

Growing up, Wilson said he has held odd jobs helping his dad.

“My dad was the projectionist at the airport drive-in theater,” Wilson said. “I worked the gate, tore tickets, changed the marquee, and switched out the papers in the lobbies.”

However, his first job was carrying The Paris News, “back when you had to walk the route, or use your bicycle and carry the papers on your shoulder.

“The papers had to be placed on the front porch, not in the front yard,” Wilson said. “Most people now throw it from the car.”

Wilson said maintaining a job was how he was raised.

“The older I have gotten, the longevity of how I wanted to stay at a job was simply because the older you get, you would hate to think about trying to find a job at my age,” Wilson said. “As scarce as they are, I don’t know if it would be like a Walmart greeter or something. The fact I maintained two or three jobs at one time is one of the reasons I could do this at 59 years old.”

Wilson said he plans to continue working as a funeral assistant with Bright-Holland Funeral Home and continue as the executive director for Dylan’s Drivers.

“I plan on being more visible than I have been in the past two years with Dylan’s Drivers as executive director,” Wilson said. “One of the things I want to do there is to get out and raise awareness for Dylan’s Drives — it’s a struggle each weekend to find volunteers for the program.”

Wilson said Dylan’s Drivers has made its mark on Lamar County, and he foresees its availability in the county for many years to come.

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