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VIDEO || Barber Hills Trail continues to gain momentum


A bike trail located just 15 minutes outside of the city of Paris has helped form friendships and attracted visitors far and wide since 2005.

Barber Hills Trail was founded in 2005, according to their Facebook page, and now offers 13.5 miles of beginner friendly and advanced mountain bike adventure.

“Barry Murchinson laid out and built a lot of the trails,” said avid rider Bryan Hargis. “Clint Barber, Jeff Jones and Kenneth Bedford also helped with building a lot of the trails.”

The land is managed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Pat Mayse Lake and according to Hargis, the trails are mostly built by tools from home and leftover materials donated from home and business projects. The Barber Hills Facebook page keeps the group growing along with four other mountain bike sites that get the word out to cyclists who are looking to experience a new place.

According to Hargis, there is a segment of the trail designed with beginners in mind and the trails also offer 650 feet of climbing across the 13.5 mile stretch that promises a good workout.

While the trail is unique and proudly calls Lamar County home, one of the aspects that stands out about BH is the community that has developed over the years. Riders that frequent the group are more than welcoming in their active Facebook group message where you can find out more information about weekly rides, maintenance days and get-togethers.

“All of the riders pitch in whenever work needs to be done,” said Hargis. “A few times a year we will have a work day so we can get a big task done like placing rocks on a muddy part of the trail or building a new trail feature.”

If you’re new to the trail it’s important to know that the trails are well marked with maps at the entrances and the trails can be ridden in any direction.

BH is located near Sander’s Cove at Pat Mayse Lake (Sanders Cove Park Rd, Paris, Texas, 75462).

Check out the trail in this eParisExtra exclusive:

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