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Spots being filled fast for bicycle camp for individuals with disabilities


Positions are being filled fast for the iCan Shine bicycle camp, a non-profit organization which teaches individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle using adapted bike equipment through it’s iCan Bike program.


This five-day camp, requiring riders to attend only one 75-minute session per day, June 24-28 in Paris.

iCan Shine collaborates with local organizations to host five-day camps in their communities. This camp is being hosted by The Red River Valley Down Syndrome Society and REACH Center.

iCan Shine uses customized adapted equipment, trained professionals and volunteers. With 75 minutes of instruction over five days, about 80% of riders learn to ride a conventional bicycle independently by the end of camp. The remaining 20% often make great progress toward the goal.

To be eligible to enroll, riders must be at least eight years old; have a disability; be able to walk without an assistive device such as a walker or cane; be able to side-step quickly to both sides; have a minimum inseam measurement of 20 inches from the floor; and weigh no more than 220 pounds.

For more information, contact Krissy Crites or Rae Sutton at the REACH Center at 903-783-1922, or Tiffany Phillips at 903-517-1649.

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