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For the 20th year in a row, you can order singing Valentines to be sent to your loved ones.

“I started them with my youth group when I was in high school,” said Melissa Wickersham. “I have carried on the tradition through my youth directing and, now that I’m at Trinity Christian Academy, we do it as a fundraiser to offset the cost for our young ladies’ uniforms.”

For $25, you get a group of 10 ladies – and one man who does rhythm – who show up at your Valentine’s location and perform from a selection of songs, along with a certificate of love and a carnation.

“It is especially lovely when you send them to your grandparents or a special person in the nursing home because everyone gets to enjoy them,” she said. “It is super fun to deliver them to husbands at their place of business. Some husbands really get into it and sing and dance with us; Some husbands look like they want to crawl under the table. This is one of those gifts that truly fits any age of person in any situation. It is a one-size-fits-all.”

To order, text 903-366-2207.