Warrant Round Up

*** An update has been made to this article effecting Payment Method Number 4.

The City of Reno Municipal Court and Reno Police Department have joined forces with other jurisdictions in Texas for a Warrant Round-up.

The idea behind the round up is to clear warrants for unpaid traffic tickets. Currently, the City of Reno has over $180,000 in unpaid traffic fines that if go unpaid, the individuals owing will face being arrested.

In order to avoid being arrested the fines can be paid in one of four ways:

  1. Pay in person at Reno Municipal Court located at 160 Blackburn Street in Reno during normal business hours.
  2. Pay by mailĀ by sending your money via cash or check to Reno Municipal Court (160 Blackburn Street, Reno, TX 75462). Call and confirm receipt of your payment as warrants remain active until they are received and posted by the court.
  3. Pay by Phone by calling Reno Municipal Court at (903) 785-6581 during normal business hours.
  4. ***Pay by Drive: Due to a malfunction with the payment kiosk, persons can use the night deposit box that can be used to drop off payments. Cash, checks, or money orders may be used to pay fines. The night deposit box can be used 24/7. Persons that pay by phone, mail, or with the drop box need to call during business hours to ensure their fines were collected and posted by the court. Warrants are still valid until fines are processed and posted.

The City of Reno reminds those with unpaid fines that paying now will keep you from being arrested. During this period Reno PD will be making efforts to find those who have warrants for unpaid fines and place them under arrest.

Paying fines now will, in addition, avoid you from dealing with other issues that arise when being arrested such as having your vehicle towed, being contacted at your job, or even further consequences by being caught by police while committing more violations. This could lead to more tickets, fines, or even worse – more jail time!

“Don’t wait, pay now and avoid arrest!”

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, don’t hesitate to call Reno Municipal Court at (903) 785-6581.