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Retirement reception Wednesday for Wilson at Peoples Bank


After working under Peoples Bank for more than 29 years, Steve Wilson is turning in his punch card for the retirement lifestyle.

“During his nearly 30 years on our team, Steve has worn many hats,” said Peoples Bank President Terry L. Christian. “Sometimes he was out front and visible, and sometimes he worked quietly behind the scenes. With every role we asked him to undertake, he gladly stepped up and performed the job we needed. Steve has been a loyal friend to Peoples bank and our customers, and he will be greatly missed. On behalf of our board, officers and employees, we wish him all the very best in this next chapter of his career.”

Julia Trigg Crawford, Peoples Bank Marketing Director, added, “Wilson’s someone who has touched so many lives, perhaps saved many with his dedication to Dylan’s Drivers.”

Christian invites anyone who has been impacted by Wilson to join them at the come-and-go reception.

The reception will be at 2805 Lamar Ave. from 3-5 p.m. on Wednesday.


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