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Lamar County continues to see record-breaking numbers as voters pour in


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Lamar County continues to set a record-breaking year as voters pour into the old post office.

According to Lamar County Elections Administrator Tricia Johnson, so far 6,741 registered Lamar County voters have already voted, and that number is expected to continue to rapidly increase as the days pass – setting a record number this year. In fact, according to voter records, the 2014 mid-term elections saw just 5,399 Lamar County votes total.

Voters who have not yet voted can still do so at the old post office building, 231 Lamar Avenue, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. through Friday of this week.

Johnson said voters for Precinct 1A5A, who would normally vote at the city council chambers, will now vote at First Baptist Church.

“We will have signs visible to the voters and there will be posted signs on the city council chamber doors to let voters know as well,” Johnson said. “We’re also sending out postcards to all the voters in that precinct to let them know before they go.”

For more information, call Johnson at 903-783-1116.

Click here to see a precinct map.

Click here to see a list of polling locations.

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