Putting with Police

The 1st Annual iFaith Putting With Police, a benefit event that is designed to advance the spirit of “building communities of trust” and providing support to the Downtown Food Pantry (a participating partner with Feeding America). On June 24, the event will be hosted at the Paris Golf & Country Club and will feature a putting competition where law enforcement officers will be matched with youngsters (6-15).

Cathy Harbin, owner of Pine Ridge Golf Course and former Vice President of Golf Operations for ClubCorp, Inc., joined with Lou Phillips, former Managing Director at American Airlines, Inc, to create Putting With Police as a special feature to develop relationships between law enforcement and young people. Additionally, the two are equally passionate about assisting in resource development for local food banks in targeted iFaith Golf Cup Challenge cities.

“We see Putting with the Police as an opportunity to achieve a variety of goals for the community. We build communities of trust by bringing police officers and children together, we show positive life values through golf and we raise money for the local food pantry.” says Cathy Harbin.

“It’s such a blessing to have city leaders and many local role models agree to stand with us in addressing these two vital areas,” said Phillips. “Their presence in this effort will enhance our ability to be successful in what I believe is…kingdom work.”

For more information and an opportunity to register for 2017 Putting With Police in Paris event, visit the website at www.ifaithgolf.com and register as a Participant, a Sponsor or a Donor.  Or, you can call at 703-746-8138 and ask for Lou; or, locally at (903)785-8076 and ask for Cathy. You can also reach out via email at info@ifaithgolf.com.