heater drive

Photo: Paris EMS Facebook

Paris EMS was proud to present Lamar County Meals on Wheels with 50 space heaters for Lamar County seniors this morning just in time for the cold snap.

John Janes and Rhett Cody are pictured with Shelly Braziel, Director of LCHRC.

“Staff told us they ran OUT of heaters earlier this week, and these arrived just in time,” Braziel said on social media. “Put the word out Lamar County: Meals on Wheels needs hundreds more space heaters and blankets to fill the needs of our community.”

For those who wish to help, heaters and blankets can be donated at the LCHRC office, 1273 19th St. N.W., or at The Grove downtown, 143 S. Main St. next to Olive Paris.

To qualify, residents who do not receive Meals on Wheels must submit verification proving residence, identity and income. For more information, call 903-784-2580.