The holiday season has quickly rushed in amidst full to-do lists, and busy schedules. This week (November 11th – November 19th) represents National Homelessness Awareness Week and in the season of giving it’s something that is important to highlight.

According to a Point in Time Survey conducted in January 2017 of our area, there are approximately 141 people who identify with being homeless. Included in this number is 66 children, and 81% of the adults are females.

While there are many reasons that lead homelessness, the survey shows that 34.4% were due to domestic violence, 11.5% unable to afford accommodation, 10.7% kicked out of their home by family or friends, and a combined 9.8% were struggling with mental health or substance abuse. 

Over 58% of those identifying as homeless were working a part-time job, temporary job, or full-time job.

While it’s easy to make it through summer and look forward to cooler weather, however, the numbers above represent a population who are just the opposite.

While the local statistics are staggering there are organizations in the area that are working to make a big impact on the numbers shown above. The New Hope Center of Paris is working diligently to provide a home of hope and direction and to meet people with basic needs. This includes emotional needs, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs.

New Hope Center of Paris relies on the support of the local community and would to raise awareness of a population that would greatly appreciate your help this coming season. The center has offered 7,332 nights of shelter along with other services provided this year engaging over 190 individuals who needed shelter.

There are several opportunities to help, click here to download a flyer for more information.


Source: Point in Time Survey, 2016