A $5,000 monetary bonus for each new police recruit with one year of experience was approved when Paris City Council met earlier this week.

In a memorandum from Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley, he said the police department continued to experience difficulties finding qualified individuals for officer positions.

“I would like to attempt a recruitment effort by allowing for a hiring incentive for certified officers,” Hundley said. 

That incentive, he said, would total $5,000 to be offered to certified officers with a minimum of one year of experience.

“That would be paid out in a series of payments,” he said, “$2,000 payment upon hiring, $1,000 at the end of the FTO program and the final $2,000 upon completion of the probationary period.”

Any money paid into the incentive, he said, would be required to be paid back if the officer leaves the department in the first three years of employment.

Not only does Hundley hope this will entice new officers to join the department, but it will save about $10,000 per officer.

“We spend approximately $15,000 for salary, alone, for a non-certified recruit attending the four-and-a-half month basic police academy,” he said. “By offering this incentive, we have a shorter training period, an officer with experience and save about $10,000 per hire.”

Councilmembers approved the resolution, allowing Hundley to begin to offer the incentive effective immediately.

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