It’s no secret that David Alarid, owner of the historic First National Bank building located in downtown Paris has been in a holding pattern with renovations for almost a year with the city.  The hold up has been getting the power turned off to the large cell towers located on top of the building so that workers are not exposed to a possible health hazard.

Walker Restoration Consultants of Houston, TX prepared a preliminary evaluation of the building back in November of 2016.  It was presented to the Paris City Council at that time with 6 structural repairs needed before renovations could even being.

No. 3 stated:

The cell phone equipment located at the southwest portion of the roof needs to be temporarily relocated to another location in order to properly perform repairs to the building exterior wall, replace the roofing system, and minimize the possible health hazards from the cell phone energy reception equipment to the workers performing the facade repair and roof replacement work.

At the November meeting Mayor Hashmi and council voted to hire a third party engineer to bring back another evaluation of the building before having the power cut to the towers.  The city hired Dietz Engineers from Tyler TX to do the second evaluation.  This week Donna Dietz walked the building and came to the same conclusion as Walker Restoration Consultations, resulting in an emergency council meeting yesterday at 5 p.m.

At yesterday’s meeting, Mayor Hashmi reviewed the new report and made the recommendation the power needed to be cut. Council passed the recommendation and a letter has been sent to Oncor Electric this morning from Hashmi stating, “it is the opinion of the City of Paris that the structure located at 104 Bonham St. constitutes an unsafe condition.  Please remove all electrical service from the structure immediately.”

eParisExtra spoke to Alarid this morning, “we are thrilled the City Council and Mayor had the courage to do the right thing and remove the obstacles to progress, we can now move forward on this project as well as all others.  A very good day for the City of Paris and its residents.