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Master plumber talks about dangers of liquidating plumbing board


Earlier this week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he will be able to keep the State Board of Plumbing Examiners afloat without the need for a special legislation. Local Master Plumber William Heuberger, who has more than 60 years in the profession, discussed the dangers of not having the state board.


“Each individual city would have to pass ordinances and get a plan to license and regulate plumbers,” Heuberger said. “They do it now with their city inspector, but it’s done based on state law.”

Heuberger said cities regulated plumbing about 70 years ago, “but getting a license in every city you work in could be difficult and expensive.”

Heuberger said licensed plumbers are the ones who install medical gas — oxygen, nitrous oxide, the vacuum piping — in hospitals throughout the state.

“If the state board goes away, anyone would be able to go out and install that with basically no regulation,” Heuberger said.

Though the disappearance of the state board would affect plumbers in the state, Heuberger said citizens will be affected the most.

“They won’t know if the person installing their plumbing is licensed — trained or not,” Heuberger said.

He said these consequences, if the plumbing board doesn’t stay afloat, would not be seen for many years.

“Not until last week, a lot of the public didn’t know plumbers had to have a state license,” Heuberger said. “We’ve opened a lot of eyes to that.”

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