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Local teen accepted into performing arts college || Rowan ‘Lovey’ Burns


Photo submitted, taken by Joe Watson.

A local teen is taking strides toward her goal of standing on a Broadway stage with lights hitting her face.

Photo submitted; taken by Joe Watson


Rowan “Lovey” Burns has been accepted into AMDA College of Performing Arts and couldn’t be more excited.

“I am so unbelievably excited to have been accepted into AMDA,” Lovey said. “Ever since I joined theater and choir, I’ve known I belonged on stage. I just didn’t know where.”

Lovey said she was in fourth grade when she first joined theatre, and sixth grade when she joined choir.

“My mom inspired me to be a great performer,” she said. “She was actually in theater when she was in school. Let’s just say my mom is the best.”

Excited for her daughter’s acceptance, Cristy Burns said she is “over the moon about her getting accepted.

Photo submitted; taken by Joe Watson.

“The part about her leaving home has not sunk in yet,” Cristy said about her daughter’s move to Los Angeles for the first three years, then to New York for the final year of college. “She’s my only child, so I might not handle that part so well.”

Cristy said Lovey has put on a show since “coming out of the womb.

“Whether actually on stage performing, singing around the house or giving an Oscar-winning performance in the toy aisle for a new Barbie.”

Lovey said she found out about AMDA through an advertisement on Instagram, “and thought ‘why not?’

“So, here I am, going to my dream college,” Lovey said. “I plan on going to Broadway right after I graduate. It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.”

Cristy said her hopes for Lovey is for “all of her dreams to come true.

“She is focused on Broadway, and going to this school will get her even closer,” Cristy said.

Lovey’s ambition to star on Broadway comes from her love for being on stage.

“I love the feeling of the stage under my feet and the lights on my face,” she said. “And when the audience laughs, that is the beauty of theater – it brings joy to people.”

Lovey’s first lead role was Gertrude McFuss in “Seussical.”

“Although the character was a bird, she was so much fun to play,” Lovey said. “Her songs were killer and by far some of my favorites.”

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