During the early morning hours of March 16, 2019, Tyler Browning woke up to the sound of smoke alarms in his house, he later found his stepdaughters room on fire. With Browning’s lengthy firefighting/paramedic training, his natural instinct just kicked in and he immediately evacuated the house and closed off the room.

Browning and his father began fighting the fire with one of the Faught VFD engines if it was not for their quick work the entire house would have been burned to the ground. His stepdaughter Macy’s room took most of the damage and is completely lost including all of her clothes and possessions. The rest of the house took considerable smoke and water damage and is not in living conditions.

The family is in need of the communities help during this hard time as Browning played an unfamiliar role in battling a fire for his own house. In addition to living expenses until the Browning family can have the lengthy repairs done on their home, they are also in need of clothing for Macy. Click here if you would like to donate to help the Browning family.