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Kimberly-Clark cuts down decades-old trees || Part of plant’s improvement plan


Trent Reed / eExtra News

Just more than a week before Arbor Day, a day in which people are encouraged to plant trees, trees are being cut down near a crosswalk between Kimberly-Clark’s security office and main plant entrance. It’s reported some removed trees were about 35 years old.

Kimberly-Clark’s Media Relations Terry Balluck said the debris — defecation and nesting — was a “significant issue for our employees.”

Balluck said the debris also interfered with maintaining a clean manufacturing environment.

“We have been working with the city on how to best address the removal of these trees in compliance with city statutes,” Balluck said. “We intend to replace the trees and are consulting with the city to determine an appropriate location for the new trees.”

Paris City Manager John Godwin said the removal of the trees is part of Kimberly-Clark’s improvement plan.

“They applied for a permit, and they had four trees that were protected and a permit was issued, the other 17 did not qualify,” Godwin said. “They followed the ordinance and went through the proper channels and process.”

Godwin said Kimberly-Clark also donated three, 30-gallon trees to the city as part of its replacement program.

Trent Reed
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  1. This is a silly story; in fact, a non-story. I urge Mr. Reed to look at the aerial view of any section of Paris, even the most populated and see how many thousands of trees there are in the city and then how many millions there are in the county. We do not lack for trees, and when a property owner takes one or several down–even if it’s only a week from Arbor Day–it is not even remotely newsworthy.

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