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Homeowner extinguishes porch fire early morning March 19


A homeowner extinguished the flames of a porch fire early this morning prior to fire crews arriving on scene.

Incident Commander and Lamar County Emergency Management Coordinator Quincy Blount said the homeowners were woken up by their dogs’ barking.

“They noticed their front porch was on fire,” Blount said. “It burned up probably a 10ft x 10ft area on their porch.”

Blount said the house was untouched by the flames, and everyone in the home made it out safely.

“They put it out with the water hose before we got there,” Blount said. “The homeowner had moved the water hose from around back to around front to fill the dog’s bowl up. He had it already hooked up, sprayed it and put it out.”

Blount said he and Lamar County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene and cancelled everybody — Faught, Reno and Blossom Volunteer Fire Departments.

“We let come in just to use their thermal engine camera to make sure everything was out.”

Trent Reed
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