A new business downtown is shaking things up in the business world.

The Grove is a new coworking space in Downtown Paris that offers desk space, a conference and training room, meeting lounge, coffee and more.

“We wanted to create a place where people could collaborate, connect and create things together,” said Lea Emerson. “Whether it be a freelance graphic designer, a financial advisor, an attorney or insurance agent, we feel like this is a place we can all benefit from.”

Serving as a business incubator, you can book a desk for two hours, two weeks or even a year at a time. The space offers 2,600 square feet dedicated to business connection and development. The conference room in the back is a private space with plug and play TV, projector, break room and a conference table with additional seating for small or large groups.

The front of The Grove offers six desks, two meeting spaces and the “Create Space”.  

“The Create Space is an 8.5-foot custom-built bar top table with butcher paper stretching across so teams can meet, dream and create new initiatives of any kind. Brilliant ideas are often created on napkins, and now there’s a table totally dedicated to dream up the next biggest thing for your business,” said Emerson. “We’re not just booking desk spaces. We really strive to create an experience for our clients that is unique and different than anything else in town. Our prices are affordable, and our packages are flexible so that we can create exactly what you need within your budget.”

Emerson added that many businesses might not be ready for the overhead costs of an office on their own right away, and that’s exactly where The Grove comes in. You can now have a permanent desk and all the amenities that go with an office at an affordable price until your business is ready for the next step.

“Coworking spaces have become really popular in the metropolitan areas and we are excited to bring this unique idea to Downtown Paris,” said Emerson.

Located at 143 S Main Street in Downtown Paris, The Grove invites you to come in for a tour and see for yourself.

“We’re very passionate about Lea’s idea of helping small local businesses grow,” said owners Toni and Tom McDowra. “She has a great vision for the space and we look forward to seeing her vision come to life.”

Check out the website here, or connect with The Grove on facebook. You can also give them a call at 903-423-2108.


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