Photo: Flickr user Mike Mozart

More than a handful of lawsuits against Conagra for exploding cans of Pam cooking spray are currently in the works, and the explosions have hit close to home recently.

The law firm representing the individuals suing Conagra, Koskoff Koskoff and Bieder, issued a press release last week saying they hope to highlight the dangers of certain household cooking spray cans and Conagra’s refusal to recall them.

Although they have no plans to sue the company, the explosions hit home recently at the Masonic Lodge breakfast in Bogata.

“We were making breakfast when our cook put the can of Pam next to the griddle,” said David Rozell. “All of a sudden, there was a boom and a bright white light of fire exploded around the griddle.”

Rozell said the explosion blew several people a few feet from where they stood, singeing hair and scaring them.

“I quickly shut the door to protect the people in the room I was in,” he said. “When I opened it, it was over. It probably only lasted five or six seconds, but it was scary – especially for the ones near the griddle.”

Rozell said although scared, no one was seriously injured.

“It’s just a good reminder to be careful where you put the cooking spray,” he said. “It happened so fast, there wasn’t anything we could really do.”

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