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DoorDash dashes to Paris area || First-time users receive free delivery


As of May 29, the on-demand food delivery service, DoorDash, will set up shop in the Paris area.


According to its application, the service launches Wednesday in Paris, and first-time users will receive free delivery 30 days after their first order; orders must be $10 or more.

“Place your first order on DoorDash and we’ll give you $0 delivery fee for 30 days on all orders over $10,” the application says. “You’ll see the discount on the cart screen so start looking for something you’re craving and order away.”

To download the application on IOS or Android, click here.

Currently listed restaurants DoorDash will begin delivering from include:

  • Burgerland;
  • Jaxx Gourmet Burgers;
  • Garibaldi Restaurant;
  • China Star;
  • 107;
  • Hole in the Wall;
  • Catfish King Restaurant;
  • La Bella Airoso;
  • Torres Mochas;
  • Don Lalo;
  • Sandwich Etc.;
  • Fish Fry;
  • Whataburger;
  • Braum’s;
  • Ward’s Restaurant;
  • McKee’s 24 Hour Family Restaurant;
  • Ta Molly’s Mexican Restaurant;
  • The Grand Connection;
  • Capizzia’s Italian Kitchen; and
  • Shogun Japanese Restaurant.

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