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Chief Deputy Jeff Springer retires from Lamar County Sheriff’s Office


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Chief Deputy Jeff Springer, after six years of service at the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office and a career spanning nearly 39 years in law enforcement, has retired.  


Chief Deputy Springer has served the citizens of Paris and Lamar County for nearly four decades in the role of a law enforcement Officer. He served as a police officer for the city of Paris for nearly 33 years with the majority of his years of service in the Criminal Investigation and Narcotics Divisions. 

Springer started at the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office in 2013 under Sheriff Scott Cass and has served in this position until his retirement. Co-workers at the Sheriff’s Office say that “Chief Deputy Springer is a caring man who would help anyone with whatever they needed.”


CID Detectives have the utmost respect for the wealth of knowledge in Criminal investigations that Springer shared with them on a daily basis. Springer has served a total of 38 years and 10 months in a law enforcement capacity and is a Master Peace Officer. 

“I have worked with Jeff for many years,” said Cass. “We have worked numerous investigations together and have developed a strong bond and close friendship. When Jeff retired from the Paris Police Department he came alongside as my Chief Deputy and brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to this position. Jeff and I shared the same determination and drive to get the cases solved and those responsible in custody. That shared determination resulted in many late nights and long days. I can’t begin to say enough about his extensive law enforcement service to the citizens of this county and I wish him the best in his new endeavors. What maybe some do not know, is the compassion Jeff had for others and the desire to make sure officers starting out would have the right skills and training to succeed. Jeff certainly leaves a legacy in law enforcement in Lamar County retiring and joining others who have served our citizens proudly and with the utmost dedication to our law enforcement profession.”   

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