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Chemical spill in Coppell, Texas, leads to postal service delays


A large chemical spill at a mail distribution center in the Dallas, Texas, area has resulted in mail delivery delays in Paris, Texas.

According to an employee at the U.S. Postal Office in Paris, Texas, a mercury spill occurred Monday at the U.S. Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center in Coppell, Texas.

The spill required the center to be shut down for several days and at this time, no mail will be delivered from this location until it is cleaned and sanitized and completes all testing to make sure it is safe for delivery.

At this time, mail making it’s way to Paris, Texas, will be rerouted to Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio distribution centers which may cause a small delay in delivery. According to an employee with the U.S. Postal Service, the Coppell distribution center will be closed for several more days and there is no exact date in which they expect it to reopen.

No other information is available at this time.

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  1. No mail for five days now in 75462 zip code. This is really going to impact those who receive and pay bills by mail. I know this is a huge problem for USPS but have never understood how mercury got to the processing center in the first place. And why patrons aren’t being given better guidelines as to when delivery will resume. Thank you for posting better info on this site soon please!

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