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AT&T requests restraining order to stop the city from turning off electricity to FNB building


Yesterday at approximately 2:15 p.m. AT&T  requested a temporary restraining order to stop the city from turning off the power to the cell towers located on top of the First National Bank building downtown.

On Wednesday the Paris City Council and Mayor Hashmi voted to discontinue electricity to the towers due to a health risk to the public. The official letter of termination was sent to Oncor Electric and signed by Hashmi.  Click here for yesterday’s story in case you missed it.

The restraining order was signed by Judge Will Biard and the reason stated by AT&T is customers within five miles of the building will lose emergency cell assistance such at 9-1-1, weather updates, Amber Alerts and other public safety notices.  It is also claimed by AT&T the city violated the Open Meetings Act during the executive session at the city council meeting held Wednesday evening.  A new hearing is set for January 24, 2016 at 9 a.m.

“As expected, AT&T shows their disregard to public and safety… as they told me one year ago when I asked them to cooperate and stated people could die, they said ‘we don’t care, we have lots of attorneys’  I expect the Judge will agree with the City, that safety is first and foremost – aside from that, the TRO is filled with lies, cell service will NOT stop and neither will 911.  When the building was purchased the power to the cell towers was turned off and it took weeks before they contacted me to turn it back on and NOBODY lost cell service or 911,” stated David Alarid, owner of the FNB building.

eParisExtra reached out to City Manager, John Godwin of which the city had no comment at this time.

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