With more than 1,400 participants in this year’s Archery Shooters Association Southwest Shoot Out in Paris, Becky Semple, Lamar County Chamber of Commerce tourism director, said Paris will see growth in its economics.

“Economic studies show that this one [three-day] event boosts our economy over one million dollars,” Semple said.

She said this event brings hundreds of people who spend nights in hotels, dine at local restaurants and shop Paris’ stores.

“We have been calling restaurants and giving them the ‘heads up’ that the archers are coming,” Semple said. “Banners are up, and people are getting ready for this awesome tournament that brings hundreds to enjoy our southern hospitality. They love Paris, Texas.”

Semple said the chamber welcomes people to visit the vendors at Love Civic Center and walk down to the ranges and watch as rows and rows of participants aim at targets, hoping for a perfect score.

“Also, we are so blessed with help from the city of Paris, local businesses and the best volunteers anywhere to make this tournament such a favorite among the Pro/Am Archers,” Semple said.

Archers will take aim as early as noon on Thursday.

Archery shoot out set to hit Love Civic Center from April 25-28

Archery shoot out set to hit Love Civic Center from April 25-28