Recently Paris Rotarians Laura Spencer, Tracy Clay and Phillip Peeples took the Rotary Club of Paris’ Dental Project on the road.
Their first stop was at Aaron Parker Elementary.  Spencer, Clay and Peeples coordinate with local dentists and their staffs, giving free teeth screenings to every 2nd grader in Lamar County.  Dr. Lee Crawford helped this 2nd grader out with a bit of flossing.
“If the child needs sealants, the dentist and his staff provides those at the time of screening. We send a form home with the 2nd grader explaining to the parent what was done that day and if the dentist saw any issues that would need attention. Sometimes this is the very first time the child every sees a dentist,” stated Spencer, Co-Chair of the program.
The Rotary Dental project is sponsored by Dwayne Demedio of Orr Nissan and the dental team will be at Everett Elementary next Friday.
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