Last week I asked you all if your schedule reflected your priorities. Not sure what I’m talking about? Read my last post here to catch up.

This week I wanted to give you all a glimpse into pieces of my schedule to show you how I personally have chosen to fit certain things into my daily, weekly and monthly routine to align with my priorities. My hope in sharing this with you is 100% NOT to brag or say “look at all I am doing” but more to provide you with some practical ways you can do the same. Of course, your priorities may not be the exact same as mine, but this will at least give you a place to start and hopefully inspire you to think how to customize your own schedule to fit what is important to you in.

Before you decide what new things you would like to fit into your schedule or possibly some things you would like to just take out of your current one, you need to first figure out what your priorities are in the first place. I have found one of the best ways to do this is to ask yourself this question.

What is the type of person that you want to become?

Everyone’s answer will be different here.

When I ask myself this question the first things that come to mind include the following:

  1. I want to become more like my Savior Jesus Christ
  2. I want to be an amazing wife and mother
  3. I want to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally as much as it is in my control to do so

After you have answered this question you can then choose things that will help you become that type of person. I have found that answering this question first is so important because it is your “why”. When you are deciding what to add to or take away from your schedule you can always come back to your answer to this question to verify if it is supporting your goals/priorities or not.

For example, here is how parts of my schedule supports my answer to the type of person I want to become:


  1. I want to become more like my Savior Jesus Christ
  • Daily: Wake up between 6-6:30 am and spend 30 minutes to an hour reading the Bible/praying or going through a study.
  • Weekly: Attend my weekly church service
  • Monthly: take 1 day of solitude with the purpose of spending extended time alone with the Lord. This may look different each month. My husband has agreed to support me on this one by taking Harper with him to work. Things I have done on my day of solitude include walking the trail and praying, eating lunch alone and journaling, taking a long nap, sitting out by the lake and reading/journaling, driving out of town and listening to podcasts/worship music while I drive to wherever I choose to go etc..This is by far one of the best things I have added to my schedule this past year. I know might not be realistic for everyone but if you want it that much I’m sure you can find people who will help you make it happen if you have kids. If you work it could be on a weekend.
  1. I want to be an amazing wife and mother
    • Daily: see above. I need Jesus to help me here on a daily basis!
    • Weekly: Every Wednesday night my husband and I have a scheduled 2 hour date night without our daughter Harper. If our babysitter is not available to help us out certain weeks, we wait until she goes to bed and have a date night at home. We don’t make this super fancy each week. Most weeks is just a trip to Paris Coffee where we sit and talk or a walk or bike ride on the trail. The goal is simply undistracted, intentional one on one time.
  1. I want to be heathy physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Daily
    • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Goal is to be in bed by 9:30 reading, no T.V., and no phone in my room, and asleep by 10 or 10:30.
  • Weekly
    • Exercise at least 3 times a week – Currently I go to Nautilus Family Fitness yoga class twice a week and their Pilates class once a week. They are incredible if you haven’t checked them out I would highly recommend trying out their classes. Outside of their classes I try to walk with my daughter Harper as often as I can.
    • Meal Plan/Prep – I typically do this every Saturday/Sunday. For more tips on how to do this you can read one of my old blog posts here that includes a handout on meal prepping tips.
  • Something I have been working on to support this area of my life
    • Learning to say “No”. – This has been HUGE. I have cut a LOT out of my schedule since I had my daughter Harper and it has been a game changer in so many ways as far as staying mentally and emotionally healthy. I don’t feel spread thin and so stressed out and have the energy to do what I am most passionate about well.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list of what my daily, weekly and monthly schedule look like, but it at least gives you a glimpse into it. I hope it inspires you to make some positive changes in your own life.

Of course, I would never suggest making this many changes all at once. Start with just adding or taking away one thing from your schedule and go from there, adjusting as necessary.