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The Ornery One pays it forward, Nominate a family in need


A motorcycle enthusiast, TJ Thompson (The Ornery One) and his wife Stephanie set out on a Shoestring Budget Road Trip for 18 days across America.

While it may seem like a dream to travel across America on a bike with the love of your life, these two had another driving force to fuel the trip.

Stephanie had received news five years prior to the trip that she had a tumor in the fourth ventricle of her brain and would need surgery. A surgery that presented a 50/50 chance of life or death. Within four days, the couple battled through explaining the situation to their five children, processed the risk, prepared for 5-7 months of unemployment, fought insurance battles and somehow managed to keep a positive mindset and sanity through it all.

“These trials taught us to live on so much less than the average U.S. household,” said Thompson. “We learned to travel light and live in a 640 square foot tiny house. We consider the scare a blessing in disguise and are so thankful it happened.”

Stephanie’s life-threatening tumor never delivered, but the Thompson’s had already learned a lot about life throughout the process. They took the life-lesson with them and moved forward.

The two had always dreamed of taking a trip across the states on their bike and now, with the blessing of life in mind they finally planned their trip. The Shoestring Budget Road Trip consisted of 2 weeks of travel, two people, 3,200 miles ahead and a $2,000 budget.

After extending the trip by four days, the Thompson’s were still able to return with some cash left over.

“I realize that I get to go on living my life, and there are people out there in need,” said Thompson. “That’s why we decided to find a family in need and use the extra money to extend some help.”

The Thompson’s are now bringing the generosity to Paris, Texas.

The Ornery One will make an appearance just in time for the Bring It Home event hosted by Paris Harley-Davidson. Friends of The Ornery One have donated finances to continue the Pay It Forward initiative in Paris, Texas.

Now, they are needing your help to find a family in need in our community. Use the form below to nominate someone you know who needs a helping hand!

There are no requirements, however, the recipient family must be willing to participate in a video upon receiving the finances.

To join in the fun, stop by South Main Iron from 4 – 6 p.m., September 14 and meet The Ornery One. There will also be a donation jar for anyone who would like to contribute to the funds that will be given to a local family in need.


Check out their previous Pay It Forward:



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