Kickboxing is what I enjoy. It is not only a high-energy workout but also a stress reliever for me when I have a long day ahead to tackle at work and then at home with my 3 children.

Kickboxing combines martial art skills with a heart-pumping cardio workout, which means you can get your exercise and whip yourself into shape in no time!

As Denzel Washington puts it; “ Without commitment, you will never start but more importantly without consistency, you will never finish”.

Therefore, I encourage jump-starting your day with a fitness routine as early in the morning as you can. Getting started early on in the day gives you a better chance to get exercise done and out of the way while making time for yourself to tackle the chores lined up for the rest of your day without distractions or feeling guilty that you are missing out on your fitness routine because of your never-ending commitments to your family or work.

Moreover, if you are tired of your routine workout or the monotony of running on your treadmill every day, then switching to kickboxing at least 3 times a week can get you out of the rut and make you feel energized.

Here are some additional benefits of kickboxing:

  • Burn tons of calories rapidly:
    • According to expert fitness magazines, kickboxing is a high-intensity cardio workout that can burn up to 800 calories within an hour! Kickboxing also increases your metabolism so your body continues to burn calories the rest of the day. Moreover, the cardio work out you get through kickboxing can tone up your muscles and body in no time.
  • Use kickboxing as a stress reliever: 
    • High Energy Cardio Workout through kickboxing releases endorphin in your body that lowers stress levels and makes you feel positive thus boosting your confidence levels. Hence you can start your day feeling happy, motivated and ready to tackle your day-to-day tasks once you leave the gym.
  • Kickboxing offers cross-training:
    • Kickboxing is such a flexible workout that you can jazz it up by introducing weights, toning exercises, Pilates etc. in your regimen if you want while pumping and pounding every alternate minute by jabbing punches and kicks onto your punching bag.
  • It improves your coordination and posture: 
    • If you have coordination issues and are suffering from bad posture etc., Kickboxing can strengthen your core and improve your coordination skills and reflexes. The rapid kickboxing moves that involve punches and kicks will help your body to focus instantly on each move thus executing each move successfully with coordination. If you are stationed at a desk job most of the day, then kickboxing will challenge many muscle groups that don’t get enough attention throughout the day, and you’ll start to build up your core and improve your attention and reflexes in this process.

So where can you go Kickboxing in Paris TX?

I highly recommend Dare2Bfit Gym located at 4625 Lamar Ave (Behind Cross Fit Paris) Paris, Texas. You can call the owner certified fitness instructor Stacy Huddleston or certified fitness instructor Katha Hudson for further information at (903) 249-8041.

Certified fitness instructor Mr. Troy Johnson started the Dare2BFit program in April of 2013 in Paris TX. Since it’s inception, it’s clientele has grown and the gym has captured the interest of both men and women belonging to different walks of life.

If you believe in results, this is your place. Dare2Bfit challenges you to attain a level of fitness that you may never achieve anywhere else. You will continue to have a support group in the form of your instructors that believes in you and encourages you to become more fit, stronger and lose weight with each passing day. Interesting fitness programs are designed to take you to the next level at every 6-weeks challenge. So go ahead. Give it a try… DARE TO BE FIT with Kickboxing every day will certainly change your life in a positive and healthy way!

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