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Business E-Mail Compromise – FBI caution



The FBI recently shared more information on how to prevent you or your company from becoming victims of e-mail scams.  On the rise since 2013, there are many tactics being used by organized crime groups.  No one is excluded from being targeted from businesses to non-profits, churches, and even school systems.

While there are many forms people use to gain what they want from these businesses, it all comes back to one common denominator: deception.

E-Mail Compromise most commonly takes form in tricking a trusted employee into thinking he/she is communicating with a boss or someone of authority in their company.  Generally, the employee is asked to approve a transaction sending thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to an account they believe to be trustworthy.  Only later they find out they weren’t actually speaking with their boss or coworker, and the money has been sent to an untrustworthy account holder.

The money can sometimes be recovered, however, if the business doesn’t act fast it can be lost without any further options of action being taken.

The FBI states that over $3 billion has been lost to this type of crime, and hackers are getting smarter and faster as they progress.

To read more on how to avoid this and what the FBI warns in detail, click here to view their site.


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