Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has joined the likes of bike-pedestrian friendly states such as Oregon, Colorado, and Florida in partnering with Strava, a leading website and smartphone app used by thousands of people daily to track their activities via GPS.

Over the next two years, TxDOT will receive important data from Strava which it will use in analyzing existing and proposed bike-pedestrian networks across the State of Texas.

So, what does this mean for the NorthEast Texas Trail?

The Strava data will transform the way TxDOT makes decisions about their policies, plans, and projects.
Up until now TxDOT has had virtually no data for this type of non-motorized usage, thus it has been difficult to justify investments in bike-pedestrian infrastructure.In a nutshell, this is a huge stride forward as the agency looks to further its shift to a multi-modal perspective.

The NETT is positioned to hugely benefit from this change in philosophy!

Below, you can learn more on how you can help the future of the NETT and all bike-pedestrian projects.

  1. Download the Strava app. It is available for free download in the app stores for either Apple or Android smartphones.
  2. Use Strava every time you hit the Trail, whether it’s bike commuting to work, walking the dog, nature walks with the kids, training rides, thru-hikes or competitive runs. Every activity recorded, no matter how fast or far will help demonstrate the value of the NETT!
  3. Let your local and State elected officials know that you support continued development of bicycle-pedestrian friendly projects, especially the NorthEast Texas Trail!

Happy Trails!