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Stay Hydrated with this Natural Fruit Spritzer


We all know it’s important to stay hydrated with plenty of water throughout the hot summer months, but it is nice to have some other healthy options with a little more flavor every now and then.

This spritzer is so refreshing and could not be more simple to make.

It is made with only two ingredients and includes no added or refined sugars, making it a much healthier alternative to cracking open a cold soda.


Grab these ingredients next time you are at the store, and go make this!

All Natural Fruit Spritzer


  • 100% fruit juice of choice. I used Simply Nature brand Organic Antioxidant Power 100% fruit juice blend found at Aldi’s. I loved this flavor, but you can mix and match with your personal favorite flavors. The possibilities are endless here. On aisle 1 at Kroger’s there is a great selection of organic 100% fruit juices to choose from.
  • Unsweetened/Unflavored Sparkling or Carbonated water. The brand pictured that I used was also found at Aldi’s. There are lots of brands to choose from at most grocery stores. Another good brand I would recommend would be San Pellegrino Sparkling water. It is sold in a green bottle.


  • Grab a small glass like the one pictured, or a wine glass if you want to be fancy, and pour just a tiny bit of juice in about an inch tall or even less. It doesn’t take a whole lot of juice to add a nice flavor to this.
  • Pour in your sparkling water to fill the glass.
  • That’s literally it! Enjoy as is or over some ice!

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