Don't Text And Drive

House Bill 62 could soon become the law of the land in Texas.  No more texting while driving is head to the Senate floor for debate next week.

The bill passed with overwhelming support in the Texas House of Representatives and has recently been endorsed by State Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas.  Huffines has stated in recent news releases he is committed to getting this law passed in our state.

Previously Huffines was no friend to the statewide ban, but has said that after hearing from his constituents and realizing technology isn’t going to fix the problem, he is supporting the bill this time around.

Recently a very tragic church bus crash occurred near Uvalde.  Sadly thirteen people died after their bus was hit in a head-on collision with a pickup truck.  A witness told investigators that the driver, Jack Young told him he had been texting prior to the crash.  A cell phone video captured Young’s truck swerving into the opposite lane of traffic just prior to the crash.  “This crash was definitely a catalyst to get behind the bill,” Huffines has stated.

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Source:  Texas Legislature