During the colder months, we are all scrambling to save on our electric bills. 

Whether we are layering our clothes, keeping the fire going, hiding out at your parent’s house (anyone else?), or refusing to open the door unless absolutely necessary, it’s no surprise that the bill goes up through the winter months.

If you’re using a space heater to warm your feet or maybe even your entire room then there’s something you should know.

Lamar Electric Cooperative made the configurations easy and did the math for us. The average small electric space heater ($25 at most stores) are 1500 watt heaters. While the heater itself is more than affordable, the cost of using it may not be.

According to LEC if you use this type of heater for 24 hours a day for 30 days then you are adding an additional $105.21 for one single space heater per month. If you are using four heaters at this rate then your bill would increase $420.84 in just 30 days.

Space heaters are designed for short-term use. If you’re only using it for three hours a day for 30 days then you’re only adding around $13.15 to your bill. However, you again would need to consider the number of space heaters you have in use. If you use four at this rate then you would be costing yourself an additional $52.60 a month. As you can see, this all adds up pretty fast.

While electric space heaters can save money, this theory only really works if you are reducing the amount of time you are running your primary heating system and if you are only relying on space heaters for short-term use.