“When it rains, it    ?   ” We all know the phrase… it pours! Just as soon as the unexpected happens, it seems like more of the same is bound to happen. But for those who give their life to Christ, God promises to deliver them from all that, right? Actually, NO! Sorry if someone told you otherwise, but God doesn’t promise unicorns and rainbows at every turn.

In fact, just the opposite, His Word says “In this world, you will have problems.” Troubles will come, it’s a guarantee, it’s a part of life. But that’s all the more reason we shouldn’t be surprised when they do. That same Scripture continues and says, “…But do not fear, I have overcome the world.”

Fear is usually our biggest problem. But most Christians forget we’ve been given an Emergency Preparedness Manual… When you board an airplane, you’ll find your seat and get prepared to listen to a steward(ess) tell you about the safety features. This individual will begin by telling you the Emergency Instructions are located in the seat pocket in front of you. They’ll then proceed to let you know that they don’t expect an incident, but should one occur they want you to be prepared.

So the same, I’m not expecting an incident to take me from this earth, but I do want to be prepared! And I too have an Emergency Preparedness Instruction Manual in His Holy Word! But all too often we don’t read this manual before the flight takes off. Then, when trouble does come, as opposed to being prepared, we’re fumbling around trying to find some verse that fits with our problem. And how can you help someone else, if you cant even figure out what the manual says about what you’re going through?

I encourage you today to open His Word and be prepared. To start, take 10-15 minutes each morning to pray and seek Him for the day. You’ll be amazed at the confidence that pours from within in times of trouble when you take the time to hide His Word in your heart.

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