A study ranking the healthiest counties in the nation has just been released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program.

The healthiest in the state were Collin and Denton counties, and the least healthiest were Duval and Starr counties. For the most part, Northeast Texas ranked in the middle: with most ranking between about 100-150 out of nearly 250 counties.

Rankings are based on health outcomes and health factors. Health outcomes are based health behaviors such as tobacco use, diet, exercise, alcohol use, drug use and sexual activity, along with clinical care such as access to and quality of care. Health factors are based on social and economic opportunities such as education, employment, income, family support, social support and community safety, along with physical environmental health factors such as air and water quality and housing and transit.


  • Collin: 4 health outcomes, 1 health factors
  • Denton: 1 health outcomes, 6 health factors
  • Fannin: 98 health outcomes, 102 health factors
  • Franklin: 147 health outcomes, 99 health factors
  • Hunt: 159 health outcomes, 147 health factors
  • Lamar: 230 health outcomes, 194 health factors
  • Rains: 57 health outcomes; 113 health factors
  • Red River: 205 health outcomes, 212 health factors
  • Rockwall: 7 health outcomes, 2 health factors
  • Titus: 109 health outcomes, 156 health factors
  • Wood: 121 health outcomes, 59 health factors
  • Duval: 242 health outcomes, 235 health factors
  • Starr: 211 health outcomes, 242 health factors